And now and then and before and never and always and so on in an eternal instant of energy. Oh, my dear, how many nothings they will lose with us leaving!
E adesso e allora e prima e mai e sempre e così via in un eterno istante di energia. Oh, mio caro, quanti niente perderanno […]

Sometimes I really love you. It’s a fact you are giving me a good time and good reflection too. But maybe you and me are we in the thin layer that is in the middle. Maybe there is a middle and it’s called reality by the rest of the universe, except us.
A volte ti voglio […]

You said I’m the answers, but I don’t have this one. I have the same touble identifying you, or me, or whatever is helping me to move on with this story of ours. And this makes me dizzy, tired, disordered… I feel the wind whistling through my mind and I hear the leaves saying good […]

So that you are a nothing surrounded by your thoughts and pushed by my idea of reality… This could be the sound of a lonely hand, ghosts permitting. I feel my thoughts going south, I lost my tongue in my pocket of books, I need to replace your battery, I…
Così questo sei un niente circondato […]

But watching up, down, left or right? Who is the first on this line aimed to the end? Can I turn around a choice to be the last? Can I touch my own shoulder from behind as they say you could if you believe in the string’s power? Or maybe you’re just rotten meat premixed […]

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